Blaxploitation Exhibition

As part of Black History Month, we showcased a curated collection of Vintage Original Blaxploitation posters. The genre marked it's unofficial 50th anniversary, and what better way to recognise it's importance and impact within society and the Black Community as well as celebrate it's iconic style than exhibit the movie art of these 70's films.

In partnership with We Are Parable, we'll be donating 25% of all profits from the exhibition to support their Momentum initiative mentoring the new generation of Black film-makers, as they break into the industry.

Homage film to the Blaxploitation Era featuring 'Vintage Tony'.

Reelstore presents: a low-fi production film capturing the essence of the Blaxploitation era, inspired by the 1972 film Super Fly, with it's iconic 70's styling and attire as well as photographic montage interludes between the films main footage. We follow a day in the life of Tony (slightly sensationalised) as he goes to unveil our exhbition hero piece, the Super Fly original poster.

Reel Talk with Adam Howard, Curator of the 'You Won't Bleed Me' Blaxploitation Exhibition at Poster House Gallery NYC

We spoke at length with Adam about the Blaxploitation film era, the context and background in which it originated as well as about some the key films, talent as well as posters from this defining period of Black cinema.