About Us

A new way to enjoy the movies, on your walls.

Reelstore offers a carefully curated selection of both vintage original and international movie posters as well as alternative contemporary film art prints from leading designers.

We're passionate about both the legacy of incredible historic film art as well as investing in today's design talent who celebrate the movies.

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Our Inspiration & Heritage

Inspired by Walthamstow's film-making history and passion for creativity.

Our founders, Will and Ollie, were inspired by the history lying in North East London. As film enthusiasts, both felt it was important to ensure this legacy wasn't forgotten.

Both also being keen art collectors, the idea for Reelstore was born, a curated space for those to learn and appreciate film through the medium of art, both historical and contemporary.

When art and films become one.

We believe that movies can be enjoyed and celebrated as much off-screen. So we source the finest posters from quality collectors, and collaborate with world-class designers.

If you're looking for a contemporary art piece or curious to collect historic pieces, filling your walls with film art always provides something to talk about. Tell us what you're looking for.